Our Programme

We have a wide-ranging programme of meetings held on Thursday evenings: This programme is arranged some months in advance, and is circulated to all members, and is published on this Website (see tab below this one). Unforeseen situations do occur, unfortunately this can be at rather short notice too. With plenty of warning, the Programme Coordinator can arrange a replacement for a demonstrator, and the programme can be updated. Nearer the time though can be more difficult - the Programme Coordinator will email all members regarding changes with as much notice as possible, as well as being published here (see NB! tab below), the Cowbridge Gem newspaper (What's On section), and also on the Cowbridge Art Society Facebook page if time permits. 

Some sessions are for invited guest professional artists who provide entertaining demonstrations of their work, techniques and occasionally products; they may lead workshops for participation too, and sometimes we can have a critique night. Although we have some superb locally artistic talent to draw on - which we do -(even from within the society itself from time to time), to ensure variety, some guest speakers come from further afield. We also invite occasional guests who provide educational talks on art related subjects. One of the May sessions is taken up for the AGM.

Some evenings are taken up with other activities: Practical sessions, usually led, take place when there is no demonstration. Sometimes this is necessary as a result of a late amendment to the programme if a visiting artists has to withdraw at short notice, but there will always be a friendly welcome for new members or guests.

We do arrange social events through the year, either as part of the programme or to mark a significant occasion. One of the highlights of the CAS is the main exhibition held in Old Hall, usually in November-December where members are able to show their recent works. (See "Exhibitions" tab for more details). We host an opening evening, and there is an evening of critique and awarding of prizes associated with the Exhibition, There is usually also a celebratory dinner one evening whilst the Exhibition is showing.

The CAS has previously organised trips to gallery exhibitions and sometimes overseas. Whilst currently there are no plans to continue doing this for the foreseeable future, this policy is possibly subject to review if there should be sufficient interest.

You can also browse through some of the programmes for previous years to get a flavour of our meetings. If you have attended some of these yourself and spot a particular favourite speaker, please let us know (either in person, or via "Contacts" page).