The CAS Committee (as of AGM held May 2017)


 President Deirdre Schweitzer   
 Chairman/Chairwoman Tony John   
 Vice Chair(s) Andy Lloyd   
 Secretary Viv Williams   
 Treasurer Dave Phillips   
 Programme Secretary Andy Lloyd   
 Exhibition Coordinator Nick Hawksworth   
 Website Manager Nick Hawksworth   
Committee Members 

  Wendy Broom   
  Fran Davies   
  Frances Lloyd   
  Penny Lloyd   
  Dina Richards   
  Terri Woodsford   

Honorary Members

  Barbara Davies   
  Malgwyn Davies   
  Keith James   
  Colin Jones   
  Carol Loader   
  John Philips   
  Ron Williams   

Committee Members are Appointed/Re-appointed at the CAS AGM, held, as per programme, every May.

CAS Membership

New Members are always welcome. 

Annual Subscriptions (due at the AGM in May, for 12 months, currently based on the financial year): Payments can be made in person, at most evening meetings, currently only cash/cheque).


      Payable at AGM (May)



Junior (U18)

Guest Fee 
(per meeting)

Payable on the evening attended