Spring Term 2017

January 19th 2017

Glyn Pooley - Demonstration in Acrylic Inks

Glyn began with blank watercolour paper, and showed how he applies drops of inks. He then used a plastic sheet over the work, and with gentle pressure, moved the coalescing streaks of colour beneath into an image reminiscent of a galactic shot from the Hubble telescope.

Once dried, the plastic can be removed leaving the acrylic ink with areas of sheen. The work can then be built up in various ways, but on this occasion, Glyn showed how thin oil paints can be applied to build up the desired level of contrast and interest. Although such images are abstract, there are many ways of looking at them, and the viewer can perceive a variety of different objects within.

After this demonstration, several members with be buying their own inks in order to try this technique for themselves. 

Glyn also showed some of his other work, much of which has echoes of ancient symbolism, mystical shapes and cosmic themes - a truly inspirational evening.


January 26th 2017

Dr. Clare Smith
(National Museum of Wales)

Presentation: "Welsh Portraiture"

Clare returned to Cowbridge Art Society to deliver another in-depth and entertaining talk. On this occasion she concentrated on some of Wales' portrait artists, providing an insight into their lives and work. We learnt just how significant was the work of Gwen John, and another highlight was also the in-depth explanation of the relevance to portraiture of the Museum's unique "untouched" original photograph of actor Richard Burton.

February 2nd 2017

Still Life Practical Session
led by Nick Hawksworth

Several CAS members attended this opportunity to draw or paint a variety of still life subjects, which included some of the best fresh produce on offer from Strawberry Fields, as well as various items to create a still life "vanitas" arrangement. Some opted for detailed studies of the anatomical items available.





February 9th 2017

Derek Windsor - Demonstration of Portrait Painting in Oils

Derek Windsor treated CAS members to an inspiring and enlightening oil portraiture demonstration yesterday evening. Using the canvas as a palette, Derek explained in detail his choice of colours, and as the piece progressed, the audience was able to see exactly how he was mixing them to achieve the required shades.

The importance of a carefully observed initial sketch of the model was repeatedly stressed as Derek spent the whole of the pre-interval session working on the likeness, editing and refining his mark-making as he went along. Members benefitted from a clear running commentary of the techniques being used whilst watching the work take shape on the projector screen.

After the interval, Derek focused on the application of colour, giving careful consideration to areas of light and shade. White spirit was used to lift out highlights and a variety of different brushes were employed to achieve specific effects and add finer details.

By the end of the evening, Derek had convinced members of the merits of oil as a medium as well as providing them with a skilled demonstration of its use. Our thanks go to him for such an enjoyable and informative evening; we look forward to welcoming him back to CAS in the future.


    Derek with his demo work, and on the right is an example of Derek's other work

February 16th 2017

Alan Salisbury

An admirer of sixteenth and seventeenth century still life paintings mainly by Northern European artists, (many of which were unfamiliar to his listeners) Alan sought to bring these works up to date with his own unique, personal and often humorous spin, with references to familial associations and his love of football goalkeeping!

What struck all who attended his talk, apart from his talent as a painter, was the meticulous detail with which Alan completed his pieces: the merits of a two haired sable brush were expounded, unsurprisingly. In many instances, his 'new' version looked better that the original painting which inspired it.

More info about Alan: AlanSalisbury.com

March 2nd 2017

Paul Weaver - Demonstration in Acrylics


Award-winning artist, author and demonstrator Paul Weaver from Bristol gave an acrylic

demonstration of painting animals in a landscape.

March 9th 2017

Gayle Rogers

CAS welcomed back Rhondda-based artist Gayle Rogers who demonstrated the use of watercolour pencils.

Gayle's pictures of South Wales landscapes and landmarks are instantly recognisable with their graphic quality and vivid colours.

To see more of her work, visit gaylerogersart.com



March 14th 2017

Dr. Jac Saorsa of The Broadway Drawing School

Anatomical Drawing, Practical Session



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March 23rd 2017

Roger Pinkham - Lecture: "Conceptual Art"