Demonstration, Practical, Workshop or Presentation?


Our programme organiser makes great efforts to maintain variety and quality for our Thursday evening sessions. For those not familiar with the programme, the different titles for each evening can be unclear, so here is a basic guide:

All sessions generally run from 7pm to 9pm, with a break at the half-way mark when the evening's raffle is drawn and cold drinks are served (hot drinks are also available to purchase on the premises). This is a good opportunity to chat or meet other members.


This involves the invited artist undertaking a live demonstration of their work. Depending on the technique and medium, the artist may produce a finished work of art, or use a series of stages to show one or more specific processes they use. We have video technology on hand to allow everyone to get a view of more detailed work, or when the format of the art cannot be held up easily for audience viewing.

Some demonstrators bring items for sale too, such as cards or prints of their work, or ocassionally art materials. These can be viewed/purchased at the mid-session break.

Unless stated, it can be assumed that you doo not need to bring anything along to a demonstration (apart the Guest fee if not already a member, a pound or two for the raffle, and a further pound or so in change if you want to buy a hot drink...). Just turn up and enjoy!


The invited speaker will be giving a talk. This will probably involve our audio-visual display equipment and a pre-prepared illustrated presentation. Audience participation is usually limited to questions and answers, although sometimes artists may use presentations to enhance their demonstrations or workshops (see below).


A Workshop usually means a practical session focussing on a particular technique or medium, led by the invited artist. It is expected that those attending will participate, with some guidance and direction from the tutor, maybe with demonstration and/or presentation.

Hopefully, the programme title should be self-explanatory, and usually it is expected that members (and guests) attending will bring their own materials.

These sessions are a great chance to learn new methods or develop existing ones, and are always informal and fun.


These sessions are for everyone to take part. Usually they are led by a CAS member, (some members are experienced artists and/or tutors themselves). The format may vary, but being very informal there is always flexibilty to do what you want within the session whilst enjoying a friendly social gathering.

Unless directed otherwise, bring all your own materials.

Please Note: Programme Changes

Whilst many of the sessions are arranged well in advance (sometimes a year or more ahead), it is inevitable that there will be changes too the programme after the printed versions have been published. Where there is plenty of warning, changes can be well publicised, but unfortunately there are occasions when this is not possible (as when there is less than a day's notice). Every effort is made to ensure a suitable replacement event can take place, and we have been very grateful indeed to some demonstrators who have stepped in at extremely short notice and given us a brilliant evening. Sometimes, however,  a demonstration cannot be arranged; Rather than cancel, the default option is usually to make the session a "Practical" evening.

Changes to the programme will hopefully be posted on this website, but this is not always possible in time. Most short-notice changes are posted on our Facebook page or Facebook profile (so being a FB friend or liking the FB page can be a good way of keeping up to date). This is also a good way of keeping an eye on whether you need to bring materials to an evening session.