Websites of some of the Artists who have visited
Cowbridge Art Society


  Michell Scragg

  Paul Arnott     

  Adrian Metcalfe

  Sue Edwards   

  Shirley Ann Owen

  Charlotte Leadbeater

  Arnold Lowrey

  Brian Shambler

  Frank Collict

  Adrian Green

  Tess Cooling

  Sue McDonagh

  Doug Eaton 

  Hilary Bryanston

  Lloyd Rowe

  Barri Herniman

  Shirley-Ann Owen

  Tracey Williams


  Howard Jones 

  Becky Adams  

  David Fairhurst   

  Graham Phillips  


  Gayle Rogers    


  Robert McPartland

  Lesely Dearn


  Robin Gray,%20Robin

  Jenny Cameron      catID=1469&prodID=7306&PHPSESSID=edb0d4b9910d1aedcc37c57458a5dca6


  Julie Shackson

  Peter Cronin 


  Graham Hadlow